Sean Connolly is a bassist from Melbourne, Australia. He is an innovative and contemporary composer/technician of the bass guitar, which sees him performing in many varying groups and projects. He just released a suite of Six Etudes for Solo Bass Guitar and performs with The Peeks, Sean Connolly Quartet and Hermeto Magnético. He has been described as a serious and innovative exponent of the instrument, challenging both the technique and existing content composed for the instrument.    

Growing up in the sleepy suburb of Newport Sean started by playing the piano from ages seven through eleven. Sean eventually returned to the piano in the later years of high school but it was at the age of fourteen that his true passion for music blossomed when he picked up the bass guitar. Since then his musical ventures have seen him record multiple albums and singles with a variety of bands and perform at premier venues throughout Melbourne and around Australia.   

Sean completed his Bachelor studies at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) under the tutelage of Christoper Hale and Geoff Kluke in 2014. He has sold out Bennetts Lane Jazz Club with the launch of the Sean Connolly Quartet's debut album, Sky Blue Sky; toured the East coast of Australia with the release of the The Peeks' album Grow Up/Grow Down; and performed solo at the Melbourne Recital Centre premiering his Solo Bass Etudes in 2018.   

2017 saw Sean undertake his Honours Degree at the University of Melbourne in Jazz and Improvisation. His research involved exploring the use of the classical guitar repertoire of Villa-Lobos as a framework for solo bass guitar composition. The culmination of this work resulted in him developing a suite of solo bass etudes that were recorded and then performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Selected pieces were added to the University of Melbourne syllabus and he was welcomed as guest lecturer for a masterclass in 2018.   

As well as a performer, Sean also is a dedicated teacher and educator. He started Sean's School of Music, a private studio, in 2015 and is looking to expand to the online realm where this website will be the hub. Check back soon for more details.   

Sean continues to develop original music. He is currently writing a new  music for solo bass guitar along with some exercises to develop solo performance techniques (these will be on sale in the store soon). Whilst The Peeks and the Quartet have been quiet of late, Hermeto Magnético can be seen performing around Melbourne on a regular basis. He is also dabbling with a new group of folk/rock music, stay tuned to find out more.

Contact Sean here if you would like any more information regarding bookings, lessons or how he makes his signature curry. To hear his music click here and don't forget to join the mailing list.